So bored…

Well I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been. I finished college in December and then started my first “real” job in January. I was working at a CPA firm and right when I thought I was making some headway at improving on my skills and work ethic ….I got laid off in May. They said I didn’t do anything wrong but they had hired too many people and then ended up with less work than they thought T_T So I’ve been nearly bashing my brains out trying to find a new job and keep my sanity by not dying of boredom. I have a laundry list of things I could do but I just am not very motivated to do anything. On my job hunt, I cannot apply to many jobs because I only have five months or experience and employers in my area are looking for more than that it seems. I thought I would have a shot to still join the military, Marines or Air Force, but turns out they won’t accept recruits with asthma. Even though I could try to get a waiver for it I figure I’m pretty much fucked on the military dream….moving on. As far as my hobbies go I’m catching up on a ton of anime but I still have a lot to go. I finished the first series of Naruto and am working on the Shipuuden series. Then I have Ghost in the Shell and Bleach lined up. I’ve given up on my sketch book and any art like that. I’m trying to see if I have any photography talent left so I bought a new 60-300mm lens for my Minolta SRT 101. So you may get to see some pictures in the near future. I have some pictures of an ice storm from a while ago that I plan to post in the next week. But other than that I haven’t had much to keep me entertained. So expect some more pretty pics ^_^


~ by Mrs. Fox on August 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “So bored…”

  1. Sorry about the job. This economy sucks.

  2. I’m sorry Bunny. I hope that you’ll find something soon. Until then i’ll try and help out any way I can. Btw I wouldn’t mind getting an exclusive peak at those pics 😛 – Love Honeybear

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