I’m so tired of doing this school routine

I have been so bogged down with my final semester of college that I’m about to go insane doing mindless projects and presentations. Mes so bored T_T all I do is homework anymore. No wordpress blogs, no anime, no books (I’m reading Warlock btw and it is absolutely fabulous), no fun stuff at all. My current class are two boring freshmen classes, Intro to Criminal Justice and Humans and the Environment. Now while these classes present important topics, 90% of the time I already know what’s going on and what my teacher is about to say so I’m bored out of my mind a lot. My other classes are much more interesting because I function more naturally around business majors: Senior Seminar in Business Strategy and Human Resource Management. *sigh* these classes are great and so are my professors, both of which have taught me before. The downside to these business classes are that one of my teachers requires you to write a journal entry before and after each chapter lecture and class exercise T_T which I hate now, though the other class just has a lot of case projects coming up and the case I’m reading now is about 30 pages long…..gonna finish that by Monday along with another case I have to read for the same class *smiles* anywho, I’ve only got about six more weeks of school, actually probably less than that and then I’m done. And by done I mean finished with my degree. YEAH BITCHES!!!!! Then I will actually have a chance to read all of your wonderful blogs, I love that blog surfer feature. Then its on to finding a job ^_^


~ by Mrs. Fox on November 8, 2008.

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