This weekend has turned out shitty

This has been a rough couple of weeks it seems. One weekend we drove to my grandparents house and hit a deer on the interstate, my mom driving my car. The next weekend my 80 year old granny had emergency heart surgery and I was accused of being inconsiderate by not wanting to rush back there to sit around and do nothing while she was in the hospital. Then last week I had horrible arguments with multiple people because of selfish decisions I had made. Which put me behind in doing my work for school. I got things done this week though and was extremely busy. I wrote a 12-13 page research paper in two days for my Intercultural Communications class (not because I was trying to procrastinate, but because I had too much shit going on). Luckily I like my professor who is a fun and witty gay man with a PhD ^_^ And then a test, the morning after the paper was due ,for a science class. But the test went well so that was fine. After all that craziness of the past however long its been I thought this weekend would be a nice breather before any more major things came up. But no….T_T my three cousins from the city came out to our house to spend the weekend. And for some reason all the children under the age of 15 in my family make me hate children and want to squeeze their necks until their fuzzy little heads pop off. I hate children…..not all children, just smart ass ones that I can’t beat like they’re my own fledglings. The youngest one is the motherly know it all of the group, the middle child is the smartest one yet the most chattery, and the oldest is not mentally up to speed and insists on being close with me which does not mesh well with my level of patience for her. …..not having children 0_o

On top of that lovely stuff, haven’t had a decent conversation with my Honey which I’m sure he’s not thrilled about and now the weekend is almost over. I wish I had a chance to be left alone for at least a whole day and not have to be so busy with pointless crap. Hopefully I’ll have a slow week this week, I know of a couple assignments I need to get done but in one of my classes, Arts and the Human Experience, we’ll be watching the Godfather, part one, yes people, this is what my tuition money goes towards. But I’ve never seen the movie fully and would like to so maybe that will be Bunny’s break time. Hope so. If not then you’ll probably find another one of these posts next Sunday.


~ by Mrs. Fox on March 30, 2008.

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