Those pictures you heard so much about

pole barn copy

This is what I meant by a real barn. These pictures were taken at my grandparents farm. This happens to be a pole barn where round bales are stored. This next picture is of a flight pen full of stupid turkeys…..T_T evil turkeys.

turkey flight pen copy

grampa's truck copy

This next jumbled mess is a look into the back of my Grampa’s truck, its ok, he knows where everything is.

Can we say “head catcher”. That handy device where you trap calves. They enter bull calves and leave steers.

head catcher copy

This is an old gate I thought was worth capturing on film, its one of my favorite shots to date.

gate copy

This last picture is of a device I bet you don’t know the name of, its called a Chicken Picker. During the process of dressing and butchering chickens, this machine has rubber knobs on it that spin and help pull out feathers from the dead chickens skin. The photo paper I used for this print was gold metallic.

chicken picker copy

You can see the rubber knobs on the bottom and that backsplash on the back is plastered with wet feathers. YUM.

And this last picture is a print not taken at the farm. Its a picture from a film shoot where I was assigned to make toilet paper interesting, no I don’t know why, those are just the facts. So I gave it my best shot and my classmates and teacher enjoyed this picture quite a bit.

toilet paper copy


~ by Mrs. Fox on August 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Those pictures you heard so much about”

  1. Very cool pictures Mrs. Fox. I enjoyed the the stark nature of the subjects and the composition as well.

    The toilet paper one made me laugh. 🙂

  2. These photos are fantastic (as your commentary on them…) – composition and clarity! Farms make such great material in the right hands. And as much as the squeeze box and rubber feather grabbers freaks me out, I’m a farm girl at heart!!!! When I have my own, we won’t be making meat…only eggs and dairy products.

    ps: turkeys aren’t as stupid as chickens. But that’s like saying rocks aren’t as immobile as trees.

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