Wilbur Smith is too cool

So I have this fascination with Egypt, if you don’t already know. And I also enjoy reading novels that are set in ancient Egyptian eras. They have to be authentic though, the author really has to do their research of history and culture of ancient Egypt to impress me. I have found said author, his name is…Wilbur Smith. This man is a genius, in my eyes anyway. He writes with finesse and flare, can express his characters viewpoints as man or woman (not just someone who tries, but this guy actually succeeds hahaha), and can effectively keep me hooked through five hundred pages (many have tried and failed). The novels I’ve read of his so far have been from his Egypt series. I read them out of order though, whoops my mistake. I was at a library book sale one day and picked up The Seventh Scroll, the second book of his Egypt series. 20 pages in I was hooked, he has this sort of love scene thriller mercenary action-packed rated R steeped in history saga going on throughout this novel. There were certain details in the book that led me to believe that the book I was reading was actually a sequel to something else, but it wasn’t a chronological read like other sequels, so I wasn’t missing anything major. After some research I found his other books from the series. So of course I feel its only right to read the first book, was so awesome 0_0 From that moment I finished River God it was over, I was absolutely hooked, and I had to find if he had written anymore books for his Egypt series. Luckily he has, the third installment is called Warlock. Whereas the first book, River God, is the original story set in ancient Egypt and The Seventh Scroll is set in present day. The third book Warlock is a continuation from River God, and picks up where the first book left off, which is freakin awesome because the characters in this book are just so cool ^_^ So recently I had looked into ordering Warlock to round out my collection. Although when I researched on Amazon about buying the book, I made a fantastic discovery…he wrote a fourth book. Wilbur Smith had written a fourth book for the Egypt series called The Quest. And not only was there a fourth book for me to order, it was also published and released earlier this year. So of course I ordered it, its this huge hardcover nifty piece of work…I love it hehehehe. I cant wait to read it. But alas, I am still about 400 pages shy of finishing Shogun, by James Clavell. I shall finish that one first…someday hahaha. And then onto Warlock and later The Quest. The Quest is a bestseller in Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy and the Czech Republic…so I’ll like it too.

I really enjoy this authors work because he has the right balance of passion and action and intrigue all rolled into one great book with each book he writes. After I finish his Egypt series I plan to check out his other novels that hes written, over 30 or some number around there. He has other series’ that I would like to look at, as well as, individual books written as independent projects. I’ve browsed through explanations and summaries of his other works and they look interesting. His other series deal with family businesses during Dutch trade times, journeys into Africa to hunt for diamonds and things along those lines, hahaha vague enough for ya?

Wilbur Smith is my favorite author and I just wanted to let you know a little bit about his work. I suggest you guys pick up his work sometime and see how you like it, will be well worth it ^_^


~ by Mrs. Fox on July 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Wilbur Smith is too cool”

  1. I hope people don’t confuse us as I go by ‘hummingbunny’ 😀

    I love Egypt as well and the books by Wilbur Smith.

    I notice you are reading Shogun, I still have the miniseries on tape.

  2. OMG!!!! I just checked out your page and you’re Brian Brian….your buddies with Rose right? I love reading stuff on Rose’s page, have to stop in there sometime. Let Rose know I love her poetry, it’s just awesome ^_^

  3. As for Shogun, I have never seen the miniseries but I have heard good things about it. The book is quite long, but I’m working on it ^_^

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