I miss my Honey

Well as you know, my fiancee Honey aka Mr. Fox, came to visit me for a week this month. He has since gone back to England where he lives, about a 12 hour flight away from me. I miss him so much though. Him leaving for the airport was a lot harder on me than I had expected O_0 We had lots of fun during the week that he was here with me though. We’re trying to remember the fun moments we shared on this holiday, without crying and feeling sorry for ourselves. While Honey was here we had lots of food ^_^ I have an unhealthy obsession with food you know. Also while he was here, he took me out on two movie dates. We went and saw Live Free or Die Hard and Transformers. We saw Die Hard 4 because my favorite movie of all time is Die Hard with a Vengeance. So it was only natural that I see the next one in the series…..it was awesome by the way. I love Bruce Willis tehehe. Anywho, fans of Bruce Willis will be well rewarded by attending this movie. We also saw Transformers……0_o so AWESOME!!!!! He took me to Transformers because it was my favorite anime when I was little. I always would wake up to watch it on weekend mornings, its freakin great. I absolutely love this movie too. It was funny and had great action, the movie was really well done. It was more violent than I expected though…..you know, since I watched it as a kid and all. Just seemed like too much mindless violence for the four year old children that had been dragged to the cinema by some of the parents there. All in all, Transformers is still awesome after all these years. Go see it, thats an order. So after only a week of my Honey he had to go back home, I was so sad, I’m adjusting alright though. I miss him so much, but we still talk everyday like normal so I cant complain. He plans to come back for Christmas, YAY for me. I love you Honey and I miss you 0_0


~ by Mrs. Fox on July 10, 2007.

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