I think I’ve lost my photo mojo…

Tonight I was browsing the pages of an official site dedicated to the work of photographer Ansel Adams. I like the work he has done because the man is a genius with a camera. While perusing his pieces online, that were selling for some ridiculous prices might I add, I thought back to my days of taking photography courses at my high school.

So you guys know I fixed my lens for my minolta and I had planned to take some pictures sometime just to see if I still had IT. I used to be able to look around my bedroom or walk around town as if my eyes were the lens of my camera. It used to be very easy for me to pick out and object or frame off an area and say to myself, “oh that would make a good print.” Whether I had my camera in hand or not, I used to be able to do this. Not so much anymore. The other day I turned off my computer and shut off everything that could cause a distraction, so I could sit and just look around for a shot. I thought the stuff in my bedroom was quite interesting at one point but that day was another story. The only remotely interesting thing I saw to capture on film was a shot of my vinyl collection. (the vinyl that sits on my floor and in a crate that I have been neglecting as of late ^_^ damn) But even as I layed down on the floor to focus on a front shot of the crate and excess vinyl….I still couldn’t be convinced that the shot was good.

I haven’t been able to see any good shots lately which leads me to believe that I have lost my photo mojo….hahaha how sad. When this had happened before, I used to go for a drive in the country and look at the farm lands out in the area in which I live. I am drawn to the architecture of old barns and all things “farmy” because my grampa has a farm and a cattle company. Taking a drive to look at old barns and tractors is nothing less than nostalgic for me, seeing as how I live far away from my grampa’s farm these days.

So I think its time to load up my minolta and black & white film rolls to set out towards the country and take some shots. I want to be able to look and see the potential for a print again. I used to do it all the time. Lots of fun if you actually have your camera with you at the time also hahaha. But I really do think its time to get back out and take some shots. I can always take pictures of random crap and hope for the best…..isn’t that what photography is about? maybe….but still. Can be discouraging not being able to see the perfect shot you want but know is there. I been browsing some blogs on WordPress lately and seen some very talented photographers posting their prints. *claps* you guys have some great work…..T_T way to break my spirit guys…kidding. But it does make me want to get my photo mojo back and actually produce some prints of my own to rub in your faces…muahahaha ^_~

old barn


~ by Mrs. Fox on June 4, 2007.

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