Minolta 58mm manual lens

Well if you read my last post you will remember that my lens for my Minolta SRT101 was out of commision due to my curiosity to see how things REALLY work. I had decided it would be fun to get back into my photo habits and start using my camera because…..well why not? I don’t want it to sit on my desk and collect dust so I might as well use it.

Today I went on a mini shopping expedition and purchased an eye glass repair kit thingy because teenie tiny screwdrivers in each pack are great for dismantling a camera lens. I’ve been sat on my bed, television on in the background, and my lens in pieces on my lap. I took it apart and put it back together countless times before I started to actually make some headway. You stare at something long enough and you will see how it is supposed to work….finally I saw what the problem was. I cannot explain it in any more detail than that or my brain will explode…So a couple more tries and it finally is FIXED!!!!! I was so excited I start playing with the focus, looking at items around my room. The shutter ring actually works better now than when I first bought it. *sigh* I’m so glad it’s fixed.

Also, while I was out today, I stopped by my local camera shop, Holiday Photo…..what a crappy name. It used to be called Shutter Shack, at least that name had some character. Anyways, I was looking around at some camera bags and pricing some lenses, seeing how mine was still busted. So now that my lens is fixed I can go purchase the long need carrying case and I might as well get a battery for my light meter. *claps* yay my lens is fixed!!!

minolta 58mm lens


~ by Mrs. Fox on May 30, 2007.

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