Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…..

Last night while chatting with my fiancee, his name is Honey n_n…we began discussing our times at high school and what we enjoyed and not so much enjoyed about those dreaded institutions that we once attended. My best subject in high school was always Mathematics…yes I am a nerd, but I am okay with that hahaha. Anyways, my inner nerd was screaming out “Tell him about all those level 3 math courses you took…..no no tell him about the history classes, yeah those were fun…” so I try to think of a better answer to what classes I enjoyed in high school and I soon remember that I also took some Photography classes. Photography is a fun hobby when you have the money. Luckily my school has a great arts program so there were probably four photography courses available for students to sign up for with great teachers to show you the ropes if you were just someone who didn’t know much about cameras and making prints. My first photography class was pretty fun…. I didn’t have a camera of my own, but fortunately I had an understanding teacher who had older cameras in class that could be lent out to students. After tinkering with a loaner for a semester I signed up for my next photography class but still no camera. I was lucky enough to find an ad in the paper one day that had been placed by a former photo student who was willing to sell her old camera before she left for college. I went to her house with my mother and in exchange for $125 she gave me her Minolta SRT101 camera in pretty good condition. One could tell by her manner that she only got the camera to fulfill the photo class requirements of turning in prints. She hadn’t used it much as was glad to get rid of it as she hadn’t planned to study photography any longer. I was so happy to get that camera. I hadn’t been in my next photo class long when I had purchased this camera, so I had time to tinker around on it first and get a feel for how it worked. It was in great condition, its an older camera so it doesn’t have that new sleek look of present day digital cheater cameras. I used it for the rest of my photo classes in school but once I had taken all the classes my school offered, my camera spent quite a bit of time on my desk collecting dust. Then one day I decided to tinker with it. I am one of those people who like taking things apart to see how they work and then putting it back together…I told you I was a nerd earlier, bear with me.

So one day I decided I wanted to know how my camera REALLY worked. So with a screwdriver and a great deal of curiosity I begin to take the lens apart and see how everything fits into place and how the system works as a whole. Then later during my nerd session I get distracted and cannot finish tinkering, so I leave the pieces of the lens in a neat place on my desk to not be disturbed. The next day I come back to finish what I started and I become a little foggy as to where exactly everything is supposed to go. Bad idea just leaving it to sit because now I don’t know how to put back together the only camera I know how to use. So I sit and try to fix my lens night after night and some nights I make progress but the lens as a whole still doesn’t function like it should. Since I was really just playing with it anyway, I’m no expert, it takes too much out of me to work all night to figure things out. Some nights the lens and camera are still left in the neat pile to be worked on later. Eventually one day I believe I have it fixed to find that the lens is in one piece but it still doesn’t work. So I attach it back to the camera and put it away, pissed off that it won’t work properly. And then more time passes and I don’t use the camera, also forgetting it still doesn’t really work.

So back to the other day….I was talking to my Honey and remembered I had put my camera in the attic with the rest of my prints from class. I decided to get them down and hang them in my room to replace the stupid animal pictures (when you move away to collegeapparently your “old” room is fair game to other siblings, hence the animal pictures). So happy to get rid of those damn animals I also decide to put up two new pictures I got from a Podunk auction (rednecks bidding on things), they are two pictures on papyrus of Egyptian art: One slaves playing music and entertaining, the other that reminds me of King Tutankhamun and his wife in a garden.

So I get a flashlight and proceed to open the attic and let down the stairs. I trudge up the stairs and into the cobwebs to find the right box of stuff that contains my camera and photo mounted prints. I get them and come back down, close up the attic and retreat back to my desk. I set my portfolio down with my prints inside to examine my camera closer. I really have missed taking pictures with it and I start to wonder if I have any film around. But then I realize…..Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…..What the fuck is up with my lens?!!! Yes now I remember, I never really fixed that thing, did I? That’s a no on my radar. I was so pissed at myself for never fixing it. I guess I’ll see what my local photo shop can do to accommodate my needs for a new lens, or help in fixing the old one. The rest of the camera is alright, except for maybe the meter which never really worked in the first place but that’s alright with me. So on my birthday list this year: new camera lens.

minolta cameras


~ by Mrs. Fox on May 26, 2007.

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