As the magnificent sun god, Amun Ra, pulls his fire-blazed chariot towards the west,

The sleepy eyed sky goddess, Nut, stretches forth her starry cape that blankets the city of Thebes.

Children look out their bedroom windows to find the sun is setting and the stars are appearing in the purple sky.

The cleansing pools of the temples reflect a beautiful pattern of light from the moon onto the walls and ceilings.

Markets become more alive as merchants broadcast their merchandise across the crowded streets.

Children scurry through the streets,

Running from their parents to the silent sycamore trees.

Snake charmers play their flutes as their pets sway to the melodic hypnosis.

Local thieves resell their prizes to unaware buyers.

Birds flutter about in their cages adament to escape.

Hungry children sneak an apple off one of the fruit-filled carts,

Quickly bolting for their lives to consume their food for the night.

The city police sift through the crowds looking for wandering hands.

Old women pay the merchants the desired price for their baskets of bread.

Fragrant smells fill the air from the burning of incense and perfumed oils.

Another normal evening in Thebes has arrived.


~ by Mrs. Fox on May 23, 2007.

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