The Hunt

Your skin blends well with the tall grass.

You peer through the twigs on the ground.

Now she is in your line of sight.

A female impala with a fawn,

But that’s okay, you can get both easy.

You slowly and silently remove an arrow from your quiver,impala

Place it by the bow,

Pull back,


You got her right under the shoulder blade.

Before her baby runs off your partner spears it.

The fawn quickly falls to the ground with a spear sticking out of its chest.

The mother jumps up and then is pinned to the ground by a spear thrown into her stomach.

You jump up from your hiding place in relief from your victory.

As your partner steps over the mother impala he looks back with a smile.

You think the baby is at least 30 pounds,

And the mother maybe 110.

When you start to load your kills into the chariots you let out a sigh of relief

Knowing your children will eat tonight.


~ by Mrs. Fox on May 23, 2007.

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