They are taking your body to the Necropolis,

You will be buried at dusk.

It was a bad idea to go to war,

Now you have paid the ultimate price.

As the funeral procession mournfully saunters down the street,

Your parents wail as they wipe the tears from their eyes.

The priests set the case down,

Occupied by your cold mummified body, as your parents pay their last respects.

As the last priest walks out of the tomb,

Others move a large slab of granite in front of the entrance,

Sealing you in for all eternity.

You are dead.

You awaken and become transparent.

You look down at your body, then start to move through the candle lit tomb.

It is your time to journey to the Underworld.

A brilliant flash of light brings you to your seat,

In front of the scales.

You look to your right, you see the jackal-headed god Anubis glaring at you with red blazed eyes.

You look back at the scales trying to hide your nervousness.

Osirus has arrived,

Crook and flail in hands crossing his chest.

He wears a white robe and headdress lined with turquoise and yellow fibers.

Accompanied by two female servants bearing wine, bread, and cooked goose.

Not far behind them are demons,

Galloping towards you down the corridor.

They wait to hear the judgement,

And whether they may or may not eat you.

As you look into the face of Osirus, you stare at his kohl-rimmed eyes.

This god will determine your afterlife or…

Your second death, death by demons, Anubis’ favorite part of the trial.

It is time to weigh in.

Osirus summons you to stand up.

You proceed to the scales then stop.

The scales determine whether or not you have led a good life worshipping the gods,

Or a life with a black heart, disobeying the gods.

You see your heart there, its been placed on one tray,

And in the other sits the feather of Maat, the feather if truth.

It has come to this, your heart against the feather…

One side of the scale slowly drifts downward as the other side rises.

A grim smile appears on the pale green face of Osirus,

And he explains that you have passed the test.

You flush red with excitement.

Anubis and his demons grow uneasy with anger.

Rather than have your soul devoured by a grotesque looking demon,

You are going to journey to the far horizon and live a happy afterlife,

While your ka journeys back to your home to watch over your parents.

And you are overwhelmed as the servants lead you out to join the rest in the afterlife.



~ by Mrs. Fox on May 23, 2007.

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