You are just 25,

You have lived your life very well.

When you arrive at the scales you will have no worries.

You are a scribe, and a very dedicated one.

You were taught in the Great House with Tutmosis,

You are a friend of the Pharaoh,

And about to be promoted to chief scribe.

You have guaranteed protection against enemies,

Yet you still find time to pay your respects.

Every time you come to the shrine, first cleansing yourself and then kneeling,

You ask for forgiveness and protection from any harm.

You pray.

You pray to the gods of Egypt.

Whichever one it may be, you thank them.

You thank them for your life, your home, your job,

Your wife, your unborn child,

The things you hold dearest to your heart.

You ask for the blessings of the gods, for everything.

You ask them to deliver you from danger into happiness.

You pray before your meals, your rest,

At weddings and at funerals.

But most of all you ask for a plentiful afterlife.

Sometimes these prayers are not answered,

Sometimes they are.

But you are always thankful whichever outcome you may face.

praying mantis


~ by Mrs. Fox on May 23, 2007.

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