KV63…I was expecting a little more…

 Referring to the tomb that was discovered right near the tomb of Tutankhamun’s. There was all sorts of speculation as to who was REALLY buried there. So I’m sitting in front of my television, hoping that these people get to find a mummy or mummies….but all they find is some empty coffins that once had mummies in them. Don’t know about you but I was quite disappointed. They did find some jewelry and personal belongings that seemed interesting…but no mummies. Not a one. A two part Discovery channel special and no mummies, go figure. There was one interesting thing about the whole thing though. Some of the things found in the tomb, including a coffin, were covered in resin for some reason. This bit really got me interested because the team excavating the tomb found clues leading to the identity of those that could have once been there, but were later moved. They seemed to think that Ankhesenamun’s body may have once been there, which makes a good deal of sense because she was the wife of Tutankhamun. The resin found on that one coffin could have been placed there to cover her name.

In my opinion, the scandal of Akhenaten changing Egypt’s religion from worshipping the Pantheon to worshipping the Aten, and Ankhesenamun is the third daughter of Akhenaten…..can we say religious scandal? 0_o I think that’s possible considering Akhenaten turned the religious state of Egypt upside down when he deciding to worship the Sun, yes I know that makes no sense to me either. That didn’t exactly please the people of Egypt, and then they had to turn around and follow a leader married to the daughter of the nutcase Akhenaten…..yeah I would have been skeptical bout that too. But at the end of the day they figured that this tomb they discovered must have only been a “storage room for the mummification process” due to the other contents of the tomb…..how disappointing is that. I still support the religious scandal theory ^_^


~ by Mrs. Fox on May 22, 2007.

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